Prague Ratler – a miniature dog from the Czech Republic with great potential who will steal your heart!

The Prague Ratler, or Pražský Krysařík, is a very old breed of dog that once graced the royal courts. It is an exceptionally energetic, courageous and friendly pet which you will immediately like. Get to know him better!
ratler praski

The Prague Ratler, according to the FCI (International Kennel Federation) classification, belongs to the IX group of ornamental and companion dogs. Indeed it is an extremely sociable dog, strongly attached to its family, and a great – because very loud – guard. At one time he was “promoted” from royal mascot to the role of a rat catcher, in which he is also unrivaled. What else do you need to know about him? Get to know its history, unique character, interesting appearance and learn how to properly take care of this little four-legged friend

The Prague Rattler – history of the breed

It is difficult to clearly define when this breed of dog bred in the Czech Republic was created. However, numerous historical documents in which it is mentioned confirm that it must have existed for at least several, if not more than a dozen centuries. Initially, the Prazsky Krissarik kept company with people at royal courts. Then, like the Miniature Pinscher, it began to be used to hunt rats and other rodents. Over the years, the breed ceased to arouse as much interest as before, and as a consequence, in the 20th century it almost died out. Fortunately, it was recreated and is currently doing well

Czech ratler – where did the name come from?

It is impossible to say clearly when and under what circumstances the name of the breed appeared, but there are several theories that are quite likely. In Czech krysa (word associated with krysarik) means rat. The name Prague ratler also has a connection to these rodents, as rat in German is ratte. In each language, therefore, the name of the breed comes down to the function for which the Prague ratler was famous, that is, the role of the ratter. It is worth keeping this in mind, as it is a dog that is indeed characterized by a strong hunting instinct towards smaller animals

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Czech ratler – appearance

The Czech ratler is a dog of miniature size, even smaller than the miniature pinscher. The height at withers is on average 20 cm and its weight, according to the standard, should not exceed 2.6 kg. The body structure is proportional, square. Characteristic standing ears of triangular shape should not fold. The tail is thin, covered with close fitting hair and tapers towards the tip and should not be cut

Bohemian Pinschers – coat and colour

This small-sized dog has a dense, short or slightly longer coat. There may be feathers on the tail, legs and ears. The most common coat is black with distinctive red highlights on the front of the legs, cheeks, above the eyes, jowls, mandible, lips, chest and belly. In addition, there may be a chocolate undertone. White markings are unacceptable and they eliminate the Prague Rattler from further breeding.

The Prague Rattler – character and behavior

Although it is a very small dog that looks delicate, the Prague Ratler is really active, lively, brave and curious about the world; he is everywhere. It is definitely not a sofa dog, which will lie down for hours with its owner. He is a volcano of energy, who needs a solid dose of physical and mental activity. Bored and frustrated, he may start showing problem behaviors. The Praga Ratler loves both playing and learning – it can focus and engage, and willingly cooperates with humans. At home he can remain calm. He is a loud watchdog, distrustful of strangers.

Prague Ratler – health and care

The Prague Ratler is relatively healthy and long-lived. As with most small breeds, it has dental problems (tartar buildup), so it needs regular check-ups. Since he is unable to rub his claws sufficiently, trimming them is required. Its grooming is quick and easy. It is enough to comb the coat once a week and bathe the dog when necessary. During autumn and winter, the dog may require special clothing to protect it from the cold, wind and damp.

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Bohemian Miniature Ratler – breeding

This dog is popular mainly in its country of origin, but in Poland it is beginning to enjoy increasing popularity recently. There are good kennels where you can buy a healthy, compliant with the pattern Prague ratler. Remember that a puppy should go to a new home after reaching an appropriate age (not earlier than 8-9 weeks of age). If the “breeder” wants to get rid of the puppies earlier, this should raise your doubts. Before you make a purchase, visit the breeding place and ask lots of questions – you have every right to do so!

The Prague ratler is an exceptional pet – balanced, devoted to the family, brave, playful and energetic. If you are considering a small-sized pet, he may turn out to be the proverbial bull’s eye. He will do great as a first dog. However, remember that its small size and cute appearance do not make it a mascot! It is a dog like any other, which requires proper care, socialization and training in at least the basics of obedience. If you take good care of your Prague ratler, you will make a brilliant team!

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